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The early years and the power of social connection

Final_Bluefoot_zen-home-pageAs some of you know, I was lucky enough to take a couple of years away from my professional life and spend it sailing and volunteering in Mexico and Central America. The story I haven’t told is the one about how I relaunched my career upon my return.

It is a story about the power of social connection.

It was late 2003. I had just returned home. For the previous two years my main means of communication was a single side band radio and my primary information source, a short wave radio—thank you CBC for broadcasting on shortwave frequencies!

Needless to say, I hadn’t done a bang up job keeping in touch with folks back home.

Then, I stumbled upon this new thing called LinkedIn. I found a bunch of my old colleagues were members and I thought, “why not, it certainly can’t hurt.”

I joined and sent a message out to my friends and colleagues letting them know that I was back from my adventure and in the market for a job.

One day later I got a response from a colleague I had worked with in Santa Cruz, CA.

He had since moved to Boulder, CO. But he knew some people at a startup in Sunnyvale, CA. He thought they were in need of someone with my skill set and offered to make an introduction. About thirty days later I had a really good job with that startup. Thanks, LinkedIn. Thanks, Greg.

Since then I’ve come to realize that we are all connected in ways we can’t even imagine. Ways that are obscured from our view. And I know that the more reach out and attempt to connect with our fellow human beings, the greater our impact on our world and theirs.

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