Love and patience

pa·tience /pāSHəns/ the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Love doesn’t always look like love. Patience is not easy. It takes too long. Sometimes doing what is right just doesn’t feel right. Once in a while we just have to accept on faith that everything will be […]

We all need one

Isaac Asimov had Gardner Dozois. Robert Louis Stevenson had Fanny Osbourne. Stephen King had Michael Garrett and many others. There’s nothing like a good one. They remedy structure and grammar. But they do so much more. They elevate the work. They ground the story. They create. Editing as an art form is well-established and respected […]

Can fiscal discipline transform philanthropy?

The days of judging a nonprofit’s worthiness by the percentage of money spent on administration and fundraising seem to be coming to an end.  Foundations and philanthropists of all stripes are beginning to see the wisdom of investing in organizations based on their outcomes, their business strategy, their financial savvy, their history of innovation, their […]

The early years: My first work bully

My story begins with the valuable lessons I learned from my first work bully and those that followed. I think these are the important bits. Have you had a work bully? Do you have some important bits to share? Please do. What I’ve learned Many people who behave like bullies in the work place are […]

Dear National Park Service

Happy Centennial. I love you. That makes what I have to say all the more difficult. I appreciate that you want all Americans to enjoy our National Parks. And I agree that getting more people, from more backgrounds, out to the parks is critical to ensuring the future of America’s Best Idea. You have, however, […]

The early years and the power of social connection

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to take a couple of years away from my professional life and spend it sailing and volunteering in Mexico and Central America. The story I haven’t told is the one about how I relaunched my career upon my return. It is a story about the power […]

On Generosity

Is it just a buzz-word or does generosity really have a role to play in the work place? Paid family leave; equal pay for equal work; living wages; unrestricted personal time off; corporate philanthropy; stock options; holiday bonuses; profit sharing… Aren’t these all good business rather than examples of generosity? If motive is the bottom […]

Passion Blindness

I wrote a LinkedIn post the other day that spoke about hiring for passion vs hiring for hard skills, particularly in the nonprofit sector. Those of us who are driven by our passion, it seams are also at risk of being blinded by it. When we get caught up in the tremendous potential to do […]

The early years: My first job hop

We’re still in the early 1990’s, about six months after the press-release incident. What happened Because I was young, inexperienced and lacked confidence, after the press-release incident I became fearful and unsure of myself. I walked around the PR department head down, eyes diverted. So now they really did have good reason for not liking […]


We’re bombarded with too many choices and too much information every day. The last thing your website, your application or your product should do is force  users make more unnecessary decisions. Make their path clear. Direct them with a gentle nudge. Give them frequent cues to let them know they are on the right track. […]

It’s gotta be real

Fake it till you make it. But don’t fake it and never make it. The environmentally-responsible manufacturer that turns a blind eye to employees cutting corners. The leading-edge digital marketing firm that sends its newsletters out with a PDF attached. The bank CEO making billions on hidden fees, all the while smiling while repeating the […]

The early years … my first big press release

It was the early 1990’s. The era of fax machines and floppy disks. I had landed my first job at a brand-name software company. I was the new kid given the plum assignment as PR coordinator for the launch of a brand new product. The product that was finally going to get us out from under the thumb of […]

Success: Not What I Thought

I’ve spent a great deal of my career working as a member of teams tasked with turning around troubled organizations. I don’t think I intentionally set out on that path. Perhaps it is my affinity for the underdog that drew me to organizations that were actively seeking significant improvements in their cultural, financial or organizational […]

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